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Why Choose BTInet?

Save Money

Keeping up with changing technology and replacing IT hardware every 3-5 years is costly. BTInet’s low monthly fees and ability to replace or upgrade existing hardware at any time gives your business better cash flow and a more predictable budget.

No Need for More IT Staff

A limited IT staff makes it difficult to keep IT infrastructure secure. Supplementing your IT staff with our experts eliminates the need to hire specialized IT professionals.

Customer Service

At BTInet, customer service isn’t a department; it’s an attitude. Our highly trained employees are available with IT service and support any day, any time.

Secure Location

Our data center is located in central United States, away from natural disasters like hurricanes or earthquakes, and is designed to avoid any single point of failure. The entire data center is cardkey controlled and monitored 24 hours a day by monitoring software and our onsite security staff.

Complete Redundancy

Our infrastructure is designed with reliability, security and performance in mind. Multiple carriers provide Internet bandwidth on multiple fiber rings, entering the building at diverse entry points for total communications redundancy.

Customized Solutions

Unlike other hosting companies, we believe one size does not fit all.  BTInet works with you and your business to develop IT solutions customized to fit just what you need and can adapt and change as you grow.